12 best Facebook ads spy tools

It can be useful to know your competitors’ Facebook Ad Strategy. To understand their use of Facebook ads it is good to use one of the Facebook Ads Spy Tools. You then can replicate the results for your business and improve your Ad campaign.

Social Ad Scout

Social Ad Scout is accessible from a wide range of countries. You can search using text, URLs, type of ad, demographic and more. It is very fast, easy and accurate.


With AdEspresso you can create and optimize an advertising campaign. It is easy, affordable for small and medium businesses and helps you create the best ad by showing you the best examples.


PowerAdspy helps you discover your competitors’ Facebook ads. You can research the most effective ads and follow your competitors for their newest updates. It is very in use, the pricing starts from $49 per month.

Connect Explore

Connect Explore lets you get the best ROI by finding the best interests and most engaged audiences and determine the most effective of them.


AdSpy allows you to search for every type of ad in its huge ads database, which covers almost every industry and country. It is fully web-based and easy in use. It was specifically designed for social media ad spying so you will get the best analysis of your competitors strategies.


AdSpyHub helps you create the best Facebook ads by showing you the most profitable and engaging examples of ads in your niche. Sign up on Adspyhub.com, and they will take care the rest.

Social Ads Tool

Social Ads Tool is used by top agencies and enterprises to manage and optimize your Facebook Ads. Set your targets and switch on its optimization engine. It is very effective and simple in use.


SocialPeta is a leading analysis tool used for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Yahoo, and many others. It helps you gain a deep insight in any social media ad campaign. It captures all new information in more than 50 countries.


AdSwiper is an effective and easy Facebook Ad Spy Tool. It has a vast, constantly updated library of successful Facebook ads from any industry in different regions. It also allows you to search by a relevant keyword.

AdLeap Software

The AdLeap Software allows you to save time and money, helping you choose the right Facebook ads strategy. You can search your competitors, learn about their ad strategy, and build a comprehensive ad database. It also offers a full customer support.


Adsova is the best tool for visual ads, helping you discover the highest converting ad designs. You can find out what key features of your ads are going to work or not. The subscription plans start at $39 per month.


AdSector helps you create the most effective ads by giving you access to the massive database of successful Facebook ads. You can figure out what strategy will work the best in your sector. It is very easy to use but effective.

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