Best Ad Networks for Advertisers

Best Ad Networks for Advertisers

Self-serve advertising platforms are efficient and convenient online systems for buying and selling targeted traffic on the Internet.
The advertiser gets access to thousands of sites hosted on the Internet video advertising networks, flexible settings of management of advertising campaigns and clear statistics. Partners get access to various promotional materials.
Advertising networks are a set of display advertising platforms that are connected with a single advertising system.
A CPA (Cost per Action) advertising network is a kind of a mediator ad network that allows advertisers to pay only for targeted users’ actions.
Today, each Internet business owner has a big choice of online advertising companies that can help to bust business. Each businessman wants to attract more target audience and achieve higher results. And an ad network is one of the cheapest options for such campaigns. Advertisers pay only for consumers who have confirmed their interest in the product or service by actions.
The advertising network is a great way to expand your audience. Many systems allow advertisers to create and manage their advertising.
One can choose a platform that is right for their business. The presented services have recommended themselves in the field of Internet marketing. One can trust them without doubt.

Online advertising platforms list


Is a great choice if you have a very limited budget because this self-service platform does not have any minimum deposit. But at the same time it will display your ads on about 50000 mobile websites and applications.


It is another mobile ad network that will definitely maximize the site or app’s conversion. They have some mega unique features based on careful studies of customers’ behavior: when and why they are more likely to buy advertised services or products.


It used to be a CPA web network but nowadays it provides advertisers with all necessary tools of full service and self-serve platforms.

Ad Recover

This network recovers ad blocked inventory of your site and make them available for monetization.


It became also a native and video ad network. We can be negative to the site but more than one billion people actively use the service monthly. What is more it has a great filter that will help one to target audience.

Five more ad networks that deserve attention:

  • Propel Media;
  • LinkedIn;
  • Exponential;
  • Rocket Fuel;
  • SiteScout.
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