5 Alternatives to Hello Bar That You Can Download for Free

What is Hello Bar?

Okay so first of all let’s figure out what Hello Bar is. It’s one type of CTA on your site, a bar that drops down from the top of the screen to deliver you some kind of message. It is a way to get more subscribers because the hello bar is usually linked directly to your email campaign manager, and has a built-in social integration to get more followers on social media. It also can show different messages to different people. To make it more effective, customize your hello bar. You will need a pro plan to do this, costing you at least $5 for 100 clicks. Thus, it can be overwhelming for some companies and this is when you might want to consider these alternative options.

Option 1: WP Notification Bar

This is a free plugin version of a paid plugin created by MyThemeShop, that you can find on WordPress.org. It’s very easy and fast in use and works even with mobile devices. You can fully customize it for your needs and add a custom code. It doesn’t have limitations on the number of clicks. You can set the targeting settings so it will only be showed to a particular group of your users. The paid version of the plugin will cost you $30 and it comes with many additional features like link bars, countdown clocks, embedded social media feeds, and video pop overlays.

Option 2: Sumo

Sumo is a free CTA plugin which is getting really popular now. You can link a Hello Bar to many different email management programs, they offer you a lightbox pop-over that links to your email list. Sumo has a full-screen CTA that you can choose to appear to your visitors when they open your site. If you choose so you can use their heat Map. CTA newsletters can be linked to specific pages you want to promote or social sharing buttons. On Sumo you can add a highlighter, an image sharer, and a scroll box, choose between a header and a footer.

Option 3: WordPress Notification Bar

The free version is very limited but quick and easy to set up. It allows you to customize your message. The premium version ($29) has more features like countdowns, social profile links, or custom CSS.

Option 4: Fluid Notification Bar

Fluid Notification Bar was created by Shrinivas Naik and it is totally free.There are not many features but you can buy them. This plugin offers you standard Hello Bar styles and catchy animation, which you can fully customize, for your top-bar CTA display. You can add social media buttons and set a delay for display to not disrupt new users.

Option 5: Easy Heads Up Bar

Easy Heads Up Bar was produced by Greenweb, it allows you to customize the color scheme, create your own templates, set display rules for your bars, choose to put it in footer or header, however, you don’t have much control over segmentation and if you have more than one bar the service will randomly choose a bar to be displayed to a visitor. You can set the end and start dates for your campaigns. The service does not have any limits regarding your bar but you should avoid using long paragraphs.

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