Advertising platform

Advertising platform

Advertising has started its work really long ago, first of all they were ads on the walls, later – posts in newspaper and for long period they settled on TV. It was good time for marketers when there were no special means of entertainment and whole families used to gather together – everyone could watch portion of suitable ads. The only problem was its expensiveness, what is good for Toyota may become a disaster for a small family business. Also, marketers had to confess that the results are not easy to count, when the interest has grown due to ads broadcasting or there are some other factors.

The picture became different with Internet coming. At the beginning, advertisers and publishers tried to contact each other individually. But the mess has become especially complicated for those who wanted to promote the goods on a global level.

Advertising platform is like a new superhero

If you don’t like doing something, there will always be somebody who will do it for you a certain payment. It is like an extremely huge supermarket where you can buy everything with no need to go even to the grocery at the first floor. But mind, you will have to pay to sellers for their job additionally.

It may look a bit exaggerated, but advertising platform is a unique place where advertisers with different goals come in. One may be interested launching the campaigns for mobile devices, others feel need to attract as much users as possible and are ready to pay for every click, there are also those who just want to work on brand awareness and tell audience about their existence – they would ask to be charged for impressions. And there are thousands of such cases.

As a result everybody is happy – publishers get money from renting the space on their websites, advertisers can become famous at any place in the world, while assistance get money for help.

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