Best Ad Spying Tools for Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate Marketing can really be time-consuming if you are doing it all the way without the help of outside services. You will need to run all the offers, design landing pages and have Ad copy to bring them good results when taking into account traffic and conversions. There is definitely a better and more sufficient Affiliate marketing strategy that you can use. You can use Ad Spying Tools to complete some tasks for you and find out successful Ad Campaigns by accessing a vast pool of database of advertising campaigns. Their advanced searching system allows you to do a thorough competitive analysis to explore the most successful ads and appeal to your target audience. If you still are not using any Ad Spying Tools for Affiliate Marketers here are some great ones for you.


WhatRunsWhere helps you get the best competitive intelligence related to online media buying which you can use to improve your marketing campaigns. This service helps you get all the important data about your competitors’ display and mobile advertising activities. You can even discover new sources of traffic. WhatRunsWhere database is constantly growing and now covers more than 90 ad networks and 15 countries. All to make your experience the best and your ad campaign the most effective.

Their paid plans start at $299 per month for a basic one and go up to $399 per month for a full coverage.


Adbeat allows you to access marketing campaigns of various advertisers. You can find out your competitors’ marketing strategy and use their results to improve your own strategy. It also offers a mobile friendly version you can use on your Apple or Android device. With Adbeat you can see what kind of advertisements work in your area and what fail and then learn from someone else’s mistakes to make your campaigns effective from its very start. Adbeat gives you access to some of the best Ad networks like Google Display Network, Adsonar, Doubleclick, Pulse 360, MSN Content Network, and others. Adbeat pricing starts at $249 per month and go up to $399 per month.


Adplexity is a complete ad spy tool for mobile, desktop, and native intelligence you can use to improve your affiliate marketing strategy. You can use it to monitor the ad campaigns of your competitors from all around the world. It even checks out campaigns running on popup ads and ads promoting affiliate offers and shows them to you with full insight and complete analysis. And it is pretty much the only service that allows you to monitor mobile ad campaigns on Android Apps, Mobile Web, Popups and works with Wi-Fi and carrier traffic.

Adplexity pricing starts at $199 Per Month for each traffic source.

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