8 best tech websites to keep you updated

Our world is constantly developing, new technologies appear every day. Sometimes it might be hard to keep up with all the inventions and new trends so here’s the list of best 8 technical news websites to give you all the relevant information.


TechCrunch has all the newest information on new technology, new gadgets, latest apps and their updates. You can also find out a lot about new services, events, products launched by market giants and many more topics.


The next web has a vast audience of more than 7 million visits a month. All the business and culture matters on new technologies are discussed in full details. You can find out all the latest news on gadgets, games, software, web services, newest updates, lifestyle products.


Wired, with its amount of valuable information, is a great platform for web developers and web designers. It has the best coverage of all technical news reports. All the latest trends are discussed in vivid details. Find out all about new gadgets, security devices, video series, science and entertainment on Wired.com.


Tech2 is closely related to Network18. It has lots of amazing videos, photos and podcasts on new technologies. It posts reviews on the variety of new gadgets like home theaters, mobile phones, gaming devices etc. Tech2 also posts rating and comparisons of different websites and gadgets. It has an amazing function “How to Tab”, that teaches some cool things.


Techradar covers and rates all the newly released models of laptops, smartphones and tablets. They conduct detailed, thoughtful research before posting ratings and reviews of the best gadgets. If you are looking for a new phone or laptop, their rating might be very useful for you. You also can find out about latest news for operating systems based on Android, technologies used in cars, and their ratings. This can help you make the best choice yourself.


Technorati is the place to learn the latest technology news. They post all the latest updates and reviews on tech industry, help bloggers and other tech website owners to promote their websites by providing the latest tech news before time.


Macrumors.com mostly covers Apple-related products but still it is one of the most popular tech websites. It’s known for covering rumors and reviews on Apple products. If you want to know anything about Apple products – Macrumors is the right place for you. It has an active community posting about technical details and purchasing details of Apple products.


BusinessInsider.com was only launched a decade ago but has already got a trustworthy reputation. It was found by the Wall Street analysts. It is constantly growing, ensuring that you will be getting all the latest updates on rapidly developing tech, financial, media industries.

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