5 main traffic types you need to use in your business

5 Traffic Types

People from previous century certainly felt more tensed with business making. They were limited by the amount of means to tell people that a particular company has started working and is happy to offer some products or services. Newspapers, radio and, later, TV could save the situation a bit. The only problem is that these ideas were quite good for local use mainly.

Nowadays we feel a bit more freedom with the Internet. It is a common case for both business sharks and small family companies to have their website. It is very useful, as your location is not so important now. Your office can be located in Michigan, while your potential client can study your web page in Paris.

The question of the day is how to invite people to your website, or where to get this web traffic?

Here are main types of Internet traffic


Be ready that people are always wondering about new cleaning service in their town, night clubs, phantasy book and so on. They google their question and when they have a page with search results, they naturally choose somebody who corresponds their needs more than others.

Spend some time to collect the keywords your audience generally uses to find products related to your business and use this information in your texts.

This method is not quick, but offers solid results for free. It may be especially important if you have small budgets.

Paid traffic

The manner of work here is the same as in the method above. Generally such results are marked like “ad” and located on the top of the page. Some people deliberately ignore paid advertising as feel misbelief in it, others think that if company has enough money, they are certainly well-off and are unlikely to offer poor products.

What you should remember here is that getting this particular web traffic to your website has no special connection with SEO. The game will be over as soon as you run out of money.


This type of traffic shows how many people directly typed your web address to get in touch with you immediately. It may primary mean that people know and trust you and have fewer reasons to compare you with competitors. Direct traffic can be also obtained after hard offline work like attending local events and handing out leaflets with your offer and address. However, scaling up is really difficult here.

Social media traffic

These are people who came to you from Facebook, Twitter or other social networks. It is a widespread motto to have a business profile in social networks, however key difficulty is to understand which ones are the most beneficial exactly for you. For example, if you sell professional plant equipment, use of Instagram is unlikely to help you a lot. Being present there is good, but places like LinkedIn will certainly do more for you. Your social media activity should be constant and regular for people to feel your presence with them. Some people like examining your website on a regular basis, while others are more likely to click a link to your blog from social network.

Email traffic

We are sure you understand the power of emails. Notifications about order state are useful, but you can also write people to tell that you have new arrivals, new blogpost or a very big sale. Unlike direct traffic, this one can be improved. People are ready to click when the information you show to them responds to their needs or interests. You can have a new portion of bath soap, but it is unlikely to be highly relevant for a regular buyer of mascara and eye-shadows. They can be interested in new brushes or you new article about make-up trends from celebrities.

Which type of traffic is the best?

It depends on your business type. Some companies can earn a lot using social media, while others have a stable flow of clients due to sending emails. There is nothing wrong about paid traffic as well, you can try it to encourage audience to know you better, if everything was well they can come to you later and tell their friends and relatives about you, that means you will have some direct traffic.

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