5 best download managers for Chrome

Google Chrome is the favorite browser out there but despite its many advantages, it has one big flaw – the downloading speed. If you’ve found yourself suffering from slow downloading speed when using Google Chrome and frequent failed downloads, you can try installing one of the many Chrome download manager extensions to speed up your downloads and decrease the number of failed download attempts.

Chrono download manager for Google Chrome

Chrono is one of the most popular download manager extensions out there. Once you add the extension to Chrome, it will automatically replace the default download manager in Chrome without the need for you to do it manually. You can easily pause and resume your downloads when using this extension, plus, it allows you to download files using multi-threaded download, which increases the speed dramatically.

Turbo Download Manager extension

This download manager for Chrome comes in second because it can be a little less user-friendly than Chrono, although it does have more features for advanced users. This extension won’t automatically replace Chrome’s default download manager, so you will have to manually copy the link into the Turbo app when you want to use it for a download. On the up side, the app allows you to close Chrome without interrupting the download, it also supports multi-threading and has a useful console log.

Download Manager

This easy to use download manager allows you to pause and resume the download of any file while speeding up the process overall. It also send a notification to your desktop once the fine is downloaded and tells you how much time is left until the fine is done downloading. Download Manager extension also allows you to search your download list.

Download’em All Google Chrome extension

This free download manager extension works on computers that run on Mac, Windows or Linux systems. All you need to do to safely download a file using this extension is add the file to the “Add Download” section of the extension and it will do the rest.

Flash Video Downloader for Chrome

If you ever have trouble downloading a video from a website, Flash Video Downloader can probably solve that problem in no time. Just add the extension to your browser, right click on the video to choose the resolution and start the download. This extension is perfect for stubborn websites and social media networks that won’t allow you to download videos with conventional means.

Get Them All Chrome Downloader

This extension allows you to easily and quickly download multiple files at the same time using your own IP address or a proxy server that will hide your real location in addition to some other useful features.

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